Early to rise

Since Christmas it seems I’ve been waking up early, like every day and it’s kinda nice. Those who know me know how lazy I am. Usually it would be damn near impossible to hear from me before noon. But recently I’ve been up and active around 5am each day. It does mean that I’m going to bed stupidly early but I’m ok with that.

Everything is very productive. I’m getting the house into order finally. Not an easy task when a wild Alex appears 🙂

The one down side is that it just shows me how lonely my life is. With nothing on tv and no one online on the games I play I realise that I don’t really do anything with my life.

Because of this, I will be actively looking for a full time job, and once finances allow I will be joining the gym again, if I can keep up the 5am starts the gym will be a great confidence boost.

rant over. 🙂

Photo Dump

Recently I had a massive clear out of my phone, and this meant backing up all my old photos. There sure was a lot of them. Here’s a few pics of me, old and new which you might not have seen before. If you like what you see be sure to share on twitter and feel free to comment. Maybe I will dig out some videos next time.

12011237_10153355384423778_8216864618141447928_n 11150717_10153057093858778_3945475109470497560_n IMG_2884 IMG_1975 IMG_1910 IMG_1600 IMG_0910 IMG_0888 IMG_0876 IMG_0864 IMG_0830 IMG_0826 IMG_0778 IMG_0688 IMG_0177 IMG_0137 IMAG0688

Also, I’ve just bought my tickets for Kink on January 22nd, hope to see some of you there.

Review – The Bunker London


A recent visit to London landed me in The Bunker. A brand new dungeon being setup by @MasterRennard I had a photo shoot there and decided to take one of my regular clients there the following day. The photo shoot went well tho I’ve yet to get the bulk of the pictures yet, I’m sure I can find a couple to attach to the bottom of this post. The venue itself is an old air raid shelter, very close to Baker Street Tube station.

It has been put together with custom build kink equipment and although it’s not fully equipped yet I see fantastic potential and have very high hopes. I will be back again!

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Review – Cum Union


For those of you who don’t know, CumUnion is an international “pro choice” sex party. There are different venues across the world where you can go and basically sleep with everyone bareback. More recently they came into the UK and I have been trying to attend one for a while with little success. The London events are too far to travel and the first Manchester event was canceled… Turns out some venues don’t want to be associated with bareback sex. So anyway, one of the new saunas in Sheffield agreed to host an event and I was going to make this one.

First impressions were pretty good, the staff were nice, I assumed it would be just like any other sauna, then I was handed what might as well have been a tea towel… not much covering up going to happen, lucky me I bought a jock. The venue was under construction which was understandable with new owners and all. The areas that were open were pretty good, a nice selection of people various shapes and sizes, just what I like to see. It was pretty open plan and pretty much a free for all. The evening went by, I was basically top for most of the night, caught up with a couple familiar faces, and as the night came to a close I decided to pig out in the sling… took 2-3 loads and decided it was home time. Generally a good night.

I’ve since taken Alex to one of the events, and to my disappointment the venue is a lot less open planned and not as exciting as the first night. Pretty slim pickings. Don’t get me wrong I still had a little fun, the venue is coming along and the staff are still great. But it didn’t have the same atmosphere as the first night.

I’m Back Bitches

So, I started to neglect this website, depression was kicking in and this site got hacked, I wasn’t happy with the quick fix that I put in place.
Now, I’ve completely rebuilt this from the ground up and made sure the content was current and correct. Expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from me soon!
In the mean time check out the swanky new site!