Moving to London

Tomorrow I will be moving to London. This is one of the biggest decisions of my life and one that took me around a year to actually make, but I think its the right one.

I will continue my work escorting and modelling, while focusing on my day job a lot harder then I have been over the last few years.

Times have been tough and I needed something to help me start to sort my life out, I hope this is it!


Watch out for my updated profiles and as always if you want to get in touch you can text or call 07957 494 087

(Escort rates will remain the same, I can accom or travel in London, ask for more details!)

New Phone Number

Hey Guys,

I’ve had to change my phone number, I’ve updated it everywhere I could think to do so.
If you wanna get in touch you can now Call / Text / Whatsapp me on

07957 494 087


Kink is coming


So it’s 2 days till Kink, I have my sexy jocks washed and drying. I have my suitcase of toys neatly packed.

Looking forward to it, lots of tickets sold, it should be a good night.

Should be interesting to see if I can stay up till 3am with my sleep pattern fucked, god knows what all the sub bois will think they can get away with when I fall asleep.
Be warned bois, I will retaliate! 😀

Cya all there 8.30pm on Friday!