Manchester Visit

I thought that it would be easier to keep posting on here regularly. But it turns out that I’m a boring shit.

I’ve spent the last 2 days in the office working and today I decided it was a good idea to master reset my phone so yey to the next few hours of adding contacts back in.


I tried cycling to the office on Thursday which nearly killed me! I got there to 2 receptionists pampering me because it was obvious I was near death. Today I managed to cycle there and back with little trouble. Guess it’s cos I missed breakfast on Thursday.

Looks like I’ll be in Manchester on Monday for a few hours. Plan to pop by a friends to help with a blown up computer… should be fun… If anyone wants to catch up or book an hour in Manchester get in touch.



Back in June I was being used by a porn production company to recruit new guys for shoots. The company in question produced material for a number of well known porn studios. One of my biggest successes is the movie Paid To Be Laid – Raw Reality. Where I recruited 6 of the 8 models used.


Recently I’ve not been trying to recruit for them because I’ve not really been able to get hold of them, however after a very nice chat on the phone yesterday I find out that they are looking to move to Manchester and are still in need of models.

That being said, I’m on the look out for new models!

The upcoming movies contain both safe and bareback sex.
We are willing to use HIV+ and HIV- people but will NOT mix the two.
Mainly looking for guys age 18-25 but will consider everyone over 18.
For more information and an application form, get in touch:

Disliked by Twitter


Well I setup my NSFW Twitter profile yesterday and went about following people I know with a similar interest. Once I hit 838 following Twitter decided it was enough and wouldn’t let me follow any more.

This morning I woke up to lovely sex with @AlexKageXXX however when I went to tweet about the experience I found that I couldn’t post anything.

Turns out that Twitter suspended me for “Aggressive Following”. So after a short apology and agreement not to “Aggressively follow people” I get my account back. But it now says on my login screen I have 0 followers and 0 following…

This is weird because on my profile it says i have 200+ followers and 800+ following.

That being said… I was very proud of myself getting 200+ followers in 8 hours!


For all you twitter users out there, I use HootSuite to manage my twitter accounts, definitely worth checking out.

Getting There

Well there are more nice pictures of me in existence then I thought, the website is coming together nicely. Spent the day in the office today getting profiles sorted looking to setup a Sleepyboy, Gay Sawp and Manchester Lads profile which I will get links to on here asap.

Would appreciate if guys could follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page!

Here’s a few of the pics I came across, hope you like ’em:

Jason Moon 1 Jason Moon 2 Jason Moon 3

New Blog

Well as my partner Alex Kage has a blog and plenty of interest on Twitter I thought I would join the mass online orgy.

I will try to put up regular posts to give you a little insight into my personal life, letting you know the dirty little secrets.

Watch this space for naughty pictures and videos, feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you would like to see or hear about and I’ll do what I can to provide it.


Also as a webmaster, should any other porn guys / escorts wish to have a site similar to this get in touch!!!