Kinks / Fetishes

Having been a member of the kink/fetish scene for many years now I can say that I’ve at least tried everything I’ve come across, and that’s a very long list. I am very open minded and happy to try new things, so please don’t be embarrassed if you have a weird fantasy, I will consider anything so long as its legal. It’s clear to me that I am and Dom, I can be both aggressive and caring. I read body language well and tend to stir situations to where I think everyone is enjoying themselves.

Some of the fetishes I’ve tried and liked are listed below.

– Adult Baby
– Anal Sex
– Bareback
– Bondage
– Breath Control
– Bully Boy
– Cock & Ball Torture
– Corporal Punishment
– Domestic Chores
– Edging
– Electro Play
– Foot/Trainer Worship
– Gundge
– Hair Removal
– Humiliation
– Kidnap Role-play
– Mummification
– Nipple Torture
– Oral Sex
– Puppy Play
– Sensory Deprivation
– Sex Toys
– Slave & Master
– Tickle Torture
– Trampling
– Water Sports
– Wax Play
– Wrestling

If you don’t know what some of the above are, get in touch and I’ll be happy to explain.