Isn’t this illegal?

When you hire me, what you’re doing is paying for my personal time. There is never a guarantee of what will happen during that time. But what happens between consenting adults… happens.
I will never charge more or less for a specific thing, you pay me for 1 hour, 2 hours, overnight, whatever and its the time that you’ve paid for… not sex. There’s no legal issues paying me for my time.


Why should I visit you over other Escorts?

I offer a professional and discreet service, some guys turn to escorting as a short term money boost, this is something I’ve done for several years and I’m very good at it. My rates are competitive and I’d like to think that I add a personal flare to the sessions.


I’ve never done this before, what can I expect?

I meet a lot of people trying this out for the first time, and it’s not for everyone. Don’t worry about being nervous, I’m a nice guy when I need to be. Just turn up when and where you say you will, if there’s any issues communication is key. I will never make you do anything you don’t want to do. If it’s ever too much for you just let me know and I’ll sort things.


How do I pay?

Usually payment is made in cash at the beginning of the session, this is to put my mind at ease and allow me to focus all of my attention on you. I’m a genuine guy and if there’s any issues I like to make things right. I am able to take other payment methods, but this will usually have to clear into my bank account before the session. (I do not accept Amazon Gifts, or otherĀ  Gift Cards).


How can I trust you with BDSM when I don’t even know you?

The truth is, there’s no real way to know if you can trust someone until you meet them. I will tend to stir all situations so that I have control out of my own safety. However please understand that I know how to safely use all the BDSM equipment I own and use. I am very good at reading body language and will adjust the situation so I think everyone is happy and I always use safe words. RED means “Stop the session now, somethings wrong” YELLOW means “I don’t really like this, change to something else” and GREEN means “Go harder / Do that more”.


Why do you offer Bareback sex, isn’t it risky?

I offer bareback sex because I accept the risks that come with it and prefer it over safe sex. This does NOT mean that you have to have bareback sex, I will have protected sex if you prefer. Even though I make every attempt to ensure that I have no STDs there is always a small risk. I do attend a GUM clinic every 3 months and can recommend sexual health services if you’re looking for information please ask.


Can I take drugs during a session?

What you do with your own body is your choice. I allow Alcohol, Poppers and Viagra (If you wish to smoke please do so outside the room as I occasionally have allergies). However I will not appreciate blatant drug use in front of me, and if you become aggressive towards me at and point I will end the session immediately with no refund. I do not use drugs.


What won’t you do?

I will not see or involve anyone under the age of 18, I will ask for ID if I believe you could be under this age.
I will not involve animals in any session.
I will not take drugs in any session.


Situations are always designed for you, my goal is for you to leave happy and wanting to come back. If there’s ever an issue during a session please say so. I wont be offended and often things can be done to fix it there and then.