Moved Again

Hey Guys, Hope everyone is well.

So things are changing again for me, I’ve now moved into a gay house share in Canning Town.
It’s smaller and more expensive but its home! Or at least it will be.

It’s a safe place to work from and so I will be switching my focus back to escorting.
Plus with the help of my new house mates I will be applying for more porn companies, so you may see me in more productions in the near future!

Wish me luck xx

Josh Parker is back!

Everyone welcome back Josh Parker as a Duo Partner, he’s based in Liverpool but happy to travel and lets be honest, he’s fit as fuck and very fun to play with.
If you would like to setup a Duo session with myself and Josh then get in touch!

Here’s a couple cheeky pics to wet your appetite

josh-parker-3 josh-parker-1 josh-parker-2 josh-parker-5 josh-parker-6 josh-parker-4

For more information check out his profile page! Josh Parker