New Phone Number

Hey Guys,

I’ve had to change my phone number, I’ve updated it everywhere I could think to do so.
If you wanna get in touch you can now Call / Text / Whatsapp me on

07957 494 087


Kink is coming


So it’s 2 days till Kink, I have my sexy jocks washed and drying. I have my suitcase of toys neatly packed.

Looking forward to it, lots of tickets sold, it should be a good night.

Should be interesting to see if I can stay up till 3am with my sleep pattern fucked, god knows what all the sub bois will think they can get away with when I fall asleep.
Be warned bois, I will retaliate! 😀

Cya all there 8.30pm on Friday!

Early to rise

Since Christmas it seems I’ve been waking up early, like every day and it’s kinda nice. Those who know me know how lazy I am. Usually it would be damn near impossible to hear from me before noon. But recently I’ve been up and active around 5am each day. It does mean that I’m going to bed stupidly early but I’m ok with that.

Everything is very productive. I’m getting the house into order finally. Not an easy task when a wild Alex appears 🙂

The one down side is that it just shows me how lonely my life is. With nothing on tv and no one online on the games I play I realise that I don’t really do anything with my life.

Because of this, I will be actively looking for a full time job, and once finances allow I will be joining the gym again, if I can keep up the 5am starts the gym will be a great confidence boost.

rant over. 🙂